Building your brand is our goal

Brand + Logo + Identity - working together

Your brand is the emotional response you get from your customer. It's what makes your business unique and used to translate your core business values into unified visual elements that make up your identity. Your logo, the most important element of your identity, represents in the simplest form, your brand beliefs, emotions and values in one highly memorable graphic. It plays a pivotal role in producing other identity elements such as stationery letterhead and business card that all combine to solidify your brand recognition.

What we do to develop and establish your brand and identity:

  • Strengthening the representation of your brand with guidance in utilizing color, typeface, shape, unity and other design elements
  • Logo based on brand beliefs, built using essential elements of design
  • Letterhead, envelope and business card
  • Brochures, flyers and other printed promotional items

Marketing + Advertising

Marketing is a research and analysis driven a process that involves design and creation to best align the idea of your product or service with the target audience. Using marketing as a guide, we create a “language” that best communicates the message or tone and personality of the product and helps determine the product, place, price and promotion strategy.

How we build your advertising through marketing:

  • Create a language and design that will best influence your target audience
  • Online: social media, website ad space, email blasts
  • Print: newspapers & magazines, coupons, flyers
  • Outdoor: billboards, bus wraps, signage
  • Determine the products, placement, pricing and promotions to best suit your needs
  • Promotional items: we help choose the best options that relate to your business or particular offering, the possiblities are endless

Online: Website design + Search engine optimization (SEO) + analytics

Your online presence is a 24/7 advertisement for your business. It’s often the first impression for your potential customers, the majority of which will find you online primarily through website traffic driven by search engine optimization. We develop SEO by relying heavily on organic search methods, using descriptive words and phrases that are naturally searched for and optimized on-page elements in a clean and well-structured interface that’s easily discovered and followed by humans and search engines alike. In addition, we utilize other forms of website traffic such as review sites, social media, quality backlinks and paid advertising to deliver potential customers.

In order to monitor the efficiency of your SEO, it’s important to get to know your visitors. Using analytical tools to provide a visual representation, we’re able to identify where your visitors came from, how they found your site, map how they navigate your site and other helpful information. This data provides insight into expanding and fine tuning the SEO on your site to to help it and business evolve.

What we do to build your online presence, increase visibility and entice visitors:

  • Beautiful user-side design and layout based on semantic code and SEO compatibility
  • Language editing to make content easy to follow by people and search engines
  • Social media linking
  • News feeds
  • Development of the server side functionality using the latest technologies including PHP and Javascript
  • Incorporation of clean CSS (style sheets) to maintain consistency throughout the site
  • Database building and integration
  • Analytics collection