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"Now Timmy, what did I tell you about yelling?"

If your message uses "neat" typefaces and goofy gimmicks, then you're yelling at your audience in an attempt to let them know that you're different (and compensating for bad design elements).

different: not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.

The definition of different does not include the word annoying. Don't push a message that says look at me, I'm different, but in a "guy who keeps poking you in the back of the head during math class to get your attention by being annoying" kind of way.

Does the person standing on the side of the road wearing a chicken suit and twirling a sign yell at you as you pass? No need, his costume is enough to present a unique and memorable message that's different, but not annoying.

Stop yelling at your audience.

* Author's note: It took me more time to make the "neat" graphic. Becoming accustomed to good design, makes poor design challenging. 

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