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What do these words have in common? They're all subjective. 

What does "nice" mean to you? Play in a non-mean fashion with the other words? 

What about "cool"? Is that cool as in groovy and the cool people will relate to it or cool as in cold, the message needs to have a stark undertone? 

Words are important when presenting someone with a message. In fact, words are important in dealing with your designer as well. Pretty colors may mean something to you that's totally opposite of what it means to your audience or to me. 

Instead of saying you want it to stand out, say I'd like for this part of the message to make more of an impact than other parts of the page. A well-developed message uses descriptive words that allow it to be presented in an efficient manner.

Instead of "Our Ying Yang bulbs are long lasting and very bright, giving the colors in the room a nice pop"...

Long lasting Ying Yang lights will never leave you in the dark.

- or - Accentuate the warm tones in your room with long lasting Ying Yang bulbs. 

Message one is more about safety, while message two is geared toward making a room more inviting. Either works, it depends on your audience. 

Don't get me wrong, I use "lazy" words often in my daily communications and sometimes in my writing, but I try not to. The important takeaway is don't use them when you're marketing your product or services. 

Don't use nice words in pretty colors that you like. Be descriptive with a direct, easy to ingest message. 

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